One More Argument in Favor of Rail Transit

The Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip District will open soon. Rail transit down to the market using the existing “unused” infrastructure would be a boon to the Strip District and the people of the Allegheny-Kiski Valley. All we need to do is to light a fire under local chambers of commerce and businesses…along with local, state, and federal officials to make it a reality. We really need to get after these people…and stay after them. If there is a public outcry they will find a way to obtain the funding to make it happen.

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2 Responses to One More Argument in Favor of Rail Transit

  1. donorkoskey says:

    I know personally I’d love to see that but the plans I’ve seen call for the trains to turn off of Railroad St at 26th, cross Smallman, Penn, and Liberty and take the bus-way to Penn Station. If that happens it won’t really get “that close” to the market or the other great shops in the Strip.

    If you really want to see rail lines continue past their terminus at 21st street you’ve got to start to put heat on the URA who will ultimately determine exactly what is developed behind (and in) the produce terminal. Buncher can’t do anything without their approval as the agreement between them currently stands. At least that is how Rob Stephanie explained it during a meeting I attended this spring.

    Right now the plan for behind the terminal is all or nearly all residential and while the Cork Factory residents have had the produce trains rolling down to Consumer Produce each night since they started renting I’ve gotten the impression that the URA would prefer not to have trains go any farther but I may be wrong, they may not be opposed to commuter rail going beyond 21st (or as they’ve suggested 26th).

    That being said if there was a small station at 21st and Railroad it would be a very short walk to the Market and to the other shops in the Strip. One would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Strip that wouldn’t love to see this. Even the residents at the Cork would probably like the opportunity to hop the train up to Oakmont to hit the cool little shops there or go just as far as Lawrenceville to shop there. Obviously the retail businesses in the Strip would love to see this happen. So if you want to see commuter rail go beyond 26th in the Strip please let the URA know that.

  2. Fiori says:

    You have some valuable information in your post, but you also missed some valuable new developments…as well as some behind the scenes activities aimed at making rail transit possible from Arnold to 16th Street. In “part of the story” you will find a decision by the National Surface Transportation Board to grant Allegheny Railroad (AVR) a rail easement to 21st Street…right through the Buncher Company’s parking lot. This will most likely be appealed, but there is a good chance AVR will prevail.

    While the URA plays an important role in the “Strip District” this issue transcends the URA, the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.
    This is a regional commuter transit issue, and what we are looking at in the “Strip” is just one part of a much larger picture…a very important part.

    In the “rest of the story” you can view each post in this voluminous blog (which I need to shorten). The gist of it is to provide background information and highlight the positive aspects of rail transit in the Pittsburgh SMSA. We are promoting the heck out of it. We think that if we create enough public interest in the features and benefits of rail transit in our river valleys, and get the public behind us, we can create the momentum to make it happen. It is a win-win proposition!

    You are invited to view the links below:

    Part of the story Allegheny Valley Railroad Prevails in Easement Dispute

    More info A Little Background Information

    AVR Route Map Allegheny Valley Railroad Map

    The rest of the story Advocates 4 Rail Transit

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